Skelly Cove is a semi-vanilla minecraft server that is founded by the community through this website. The goal of the server is to create a fun semi-vanilla experience with some great features for players to enjoy.  

This server was born on May 2023 after we got tired of playing on numerous other Minecraft servers which all share similar faults such as:

  • Silly rules.
  • Player bans for no reason.
  • Staff that are complete dicks.
  • Server owners who don't care about their players.
  • Servers that are straight up pay to win.

Skelly Cove thrives to be a bit different by aiming to let players earn nice gear in game or have the option to buy it if they wish to donate to the server costs. We don't expect our players to buy anything to play here at Skelly Cove and many items you find in the crates can actually be earned in game without paying a dime!

Keep in mind this server is very new and we are still working on adding new features all the time!

Need help? Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/Qnj5xaxcEX

How to Join?

You can join us via Minecraft Java client or Bedrock with the following information


BEDROCK USERS: If you are purchasing via this site, please be sure to include a 'underscore' ( _<username> ) in front of your username the same way that you see your username in-game! Thank you!

You do NOT need a PayPal account to make a purchase! Simply select the credit/debit option at checkout.